Monday, June 14, 2010

Who let the (police) dogs out?

The government has unleashed the police at the general public. It’s most felt by the motorists but others sure do feel it, through Taliban style censoring acts and pure public abuse.

Just last week, I got copped for driving 84 km/h on a 72 km/h and the policeman asked for a bribe, the money which should have gone to the government instead ended up with a corrupt cop. Today, I heard a friend of a friend is jailed for two weeks for challenging the accusation of a policeman.

He had been driving home after work with his wife and while driving on traffic, had rested his head on his palm like in the picture to the right. A cop has stopped him and charged him for using a cell phone while driving. He has rightfully denied the accusation and offered the cop to look at his call log for which the cop has responded negatively. In the resulting argument with the cop, he has threatened to go to the police commission regarding the issue. The cop somehow has taken his driving license in to his custody.

Later, when my friend's friend went to the Angulana police station to collect his license, the police has taken him in to custody under the charges of trying to assault a police officer and he's now jailed for 14 days. The other friend, who's gone in to the police with the one who got arrested says that every policeman at the police station at the time verbally assaulted them threatening to kill them. There's reasonable doubt that the arrested person was physically assaulted as well.

The Sri Lankan police has reached new heights in its corruption and they are inventing new ways to abuse the public and increase opportunities for them to gain bribes.