Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kubuntu 10.04 LTS

I've used Linux some years ago. In the days of Red Hat 6.4 and then 7.1. My career in .NET development and probably some frustrations with compatibility issues with my hardware at that time, made me switch back to Windows and never look back. I've since used and promoted Windows and had perceived all Linux compilations to be at the same level as Red Hat 6.4.

I did downloaded Fedora 11 in 2008 or so due to frustrations over Windows Vista but somehow never installed it. When Windows 7 came along, I thought Windows days are here to stay. But Janaka at office kept talking about Ubuntu once in a while and that made me want to give it a shot.

I received my CD of Kubuntu 10.04 LTS from good people at Canonical couple of days ago. I installed it on a VM on the same day and was impressed with the user experience. Today, I installed it on my father's laptop and boy! I'm loving it.

So, those of you who are using pirated copies of windows making the excuse that Linux is not in par... Take another look at Kubuntu 10.04. It's way better looking and faster than Windows 7 and is guilt free!

The DigiKam application is a feature rich image editing tool at par with Nikon's Capture NX. Open Office has come a long way to be a good office suite and Google Chrome lives by the name of Chromium in the Linux world. I haven't looked at any of the IDEs yet, but I'm sure there are some that could compete with Microsoft's Visual Studio.

So, this is me, a pro-microsoftee asking you to try out Kubuntu. Believe me, it's really nice.