Thursday, January 08, 2009

I hope you'd pay me back...

Someone asked for a loan today. Checked my accounts and I can afford to do that.

But that also made me realize that during the last year I've given closer to one million SLR in interest free - liability free - security free loans to friends and a good 750K SLR of it is still to be returned. That's a hell a lot of money for a poor middle class guy like me. Those who know me knows that I'm always broke.

And most of all; that’s my hard earned money for which I have sacrificed my happiness, being with the family (including dogs and cats), somewhat of health (I have allergies and colds sometimes) and most probably a Nikon 400mm f/2.8G ED AF-S VR (No I'm not kidding. I want that; and would have bought that if I had the money.)

I know the times are hard and going is tough. But if you don't re-pay... you'd be born a donkey in the next life and would have to pull my cart... I hate to say no when someone asks for a loan. But soon I'll have to.

Those who borrowed recently; I'm not really referring to you, even though that 750k is including that. Some loans were give almost a year ago.

True, I said pay when you can. But I wasn't expecting next life.

It's going to be really embarrassing for every one if I have to ask in person.

And don't call and ask does it include you... Don't talk about it in person... Don’t send IMs and emails saying you’d pay it. I hate that. But I want my money back. Period.