Sunday, January 04, 2009

Decent apartments for a reasonable rent

That's something that I'm going to miss when I go back to Sri Lanka. I pay $965 per month for my studio apartment. For that; I get a clean apartment with water, electricity, gas and heating; kitchen equipment and most of all, a clean and decent toilet and bath. The old gent downstairs pays the same amount and gets severed the same. So does the guy next door who has a flashy SUV.

I've been living in rented annexes and flats in Sri Lanka for the last 6+ years; and that has been the most hateful part of living in Colombo for me. To start with; finding a decent place in suburbs is next to impossible. A decent toilet and a bath is certainly too much to ask for it seems. And if for some miracle I find one; they are freaking expensive for my budget. (I know there are decent apartments in Colombo; but I can't afford to pay $1000 for an apartment in SL) And those places are often owned by lower middle class people who are always on the look out to rob you in every possible way. They always make sure you are at the losing end of the deal - and no, there isn’t any situation in there that nobody wins or loses.

I've been bad at managing my expenses. I don't waste money but somehow I tend to spend it really fast. Had I've been a little more conscious; I should have been able to buy a place somewhere close to Colombo; but again that's a different story.

So apartments are one thing that I like about here. If I ever move here - which I don't have any plans of right now - I'd rent an apartment overlooking the central park. Those are awesome. Right now; they are too expensive for me. About $2500 - $3000 for a studio I hear. But they are nice. I could have couple of dogs and walk them in the park every evening... ah... that would have been nice.

Had I had a decent place to stay in Colombo, I can live with the rest of it. People are rude and most of them try to con you. Everywhere is polluted and most places stink. Driving around is really stressful and cops are corrupted; so is every other government official - I hate having to go into the provincial council to get the car license renewed - just because the officials there pisses me off. But I can live with that. That’s home. It would improve one day. That I dream of... And I want to work towards achieving that dream. So I want to be there - Home.