Monday, September 24, 2012

Government vs. Scholars vs. The Opposition.

So, every political party, except for the ruling party is walking with FUTA, saying they'd have done the right thing and given more funds to education... but the government is like hell bent over on not even having an intelligent discussions...

I'm willing to bet, those politicians who are walking with FUTA too are with the government on this one; this is the next big frontier for them to fight with the government and they really don't want this resolved until they come in to power - even if they really want it resolved - which again, I'm in doubt.

FUTA needs to be politically independent and gain more support from the general public. When there's political affiliations, it is easy for the government to portray to the public that this is politically motivated. Because, at the end, this would be about with whom the masses stand with.

It should be government vs. scholars and not government vs. the opposition.

What if scholars become an independent political movement and the public stand with them? Having educated people in power would be really nice for a change IMO.

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