Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My take on current issues in local educational system

  1. Teachers and Lecturers of government schools and universities should get salaries in par with leading schools and universities of the world.
  2. Government Universities and Schools should charge at least a nominal fee, so that students and their parents would value the education they receive
  3. Student loans and partial scholarships should be provided by the government for those who can't afford education
  4. Scholarships should be granted for students who excel in sports and research
  5. Students should look positively at part time work
  6. Standards of the lecturers and university facilities should be constantly validated and updated
  7. Private educational institutes should be established with proper standards and a framework to validate the standards
  8. Schools and Universities (government owned) should be financially independent - i. e. They should operate with funds they earn
  9. Government's involvement should be to maintain uniform standards across universities and to provide scholarships and educational loans - universities could grant their own scholarships and loans too
  10. People should stop expecting politicians - who are often uneducated and incompetent - to solve every problem of this country
  11. People should accept the fact that politicians are a representation of the general public - including in general competency and education, we cannot expect either party to improve over-night
  12. People should understand the dyversity of university lecturers from competant, upto-date people who are truly committed to educating our next generation to those scum bags who haven't updated their syllabuses from the last century and are there only so that they could get involved in lucrative side projects.
  13. There's no free lunch.
  14. No one party could change the system
  15. No one is perfect
  16. Excellence should be achieved one step at a time
  17. Much of the things going on right now is more politics and less problem solving - from all the camps
  18. Solution should come from these exact people - everyone involved should put their ego and political agendas behind
  19. If everyone commit to this, we'd have a proper system in less than a decade
  20. But it would never happen in my lifetime.


  1. Excellent suggestions. But no, nothing will happen to this country unless a visionary leader steps in and stop corruption once and for all. It has been done in other parts of the world (Singapore). None of your suggestions in their own right will not work with the current political system the country is used to run -Frank

  2. Bullshit. This is is skin color problem. Dark skinned people can never develop to the level of fair skinned races like European and Japs. You can't even dream about it.

  3. :P, now I understand why fairness creams are so popular!

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