Sunday, April 01, 2007

Moved in with sister

I was really frustrated with the housing issue and at the same time my sister rented a flat in Narahenpita. So as a temporary resolution I decided to move in with her. The rent there is 17k but I’ll have to pay only half of it.

Meanwhile I shall work on buying a house of my own within this year and put a stop to this whole renting thing.

Now that I moved out of that den in Borella, I have to get back my key money and the overpaid rent from the owners. They are most likely to try to slip away from giving it so I’m gonna have to go through a misery on that as well. But at least, I wouldn’t have to again, once it’s over with.

On moving – the darn place is in the 3rd floor, and we have two steal cupboards, two really heavy wooden beds and a refrigerator among other things. And since things happened so quickly, I didn’t get to call any of my friends for help. To make things short, by the time I finished carrying every thing up I was so damned soaked in sweat and tiered as I could ever be. I drank three packets of milo and a half a bottle of a Pepsi mega before having a bath and collapsing in to the bed.

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