Sunday, February 28, 2010

Changing the system

We, Sri Lankans, are keen in making changes at err.. highest level possible. For example if a certain medication doesn’t cure a runny nose in two days, we change the doctor! That’s basically our approach in just about anything. If we don’t like something, and we expect it to be different, we want things to change at a very fundamental level.
We hardly stop to think or question if the medication takes time to cure, or whether the current doctor would change the medication after observation.
Worse, we don’t care even if a new doctor gives us steroids to cure a simple runny nose, which would create complications later on. Nor do we care if the change of medication would worsen the illness… We just want to keep changing the doctor.
May be that’s vengeance, for the doctor failed to satisfy you the way we want, just because we can.
We want our government to change, because the cost of living is high, because the level of corruption is high, because the number of ministers in the cabinet is high, because we don’t have proper infrastructure in the country, because the IDPs are still in camps, because SF is in custody, because we are yet to get benefits from not being at war…
I’d say we should wait… let things work out, let the smoke of war clear out, let the corrupt system build the infrastructure first and let the flow of investments come in… Let the people who work do their work...