Monday, December 14, 2009

Is my identity stolen?

There's at least one another person in Sri Lankan blog-sphere making comments by the names "Mahasen" / "Mahasen Bandara". I know quite a few Mahasens' and there could be other Mahasen Bandaras' as well; But I've been the sole Mahasen Bandara in the Sri Lankan blog-sphere for a while now; so it's annoying to see someone else posting comments using my name.

Especially, this other Mahasen Bandara is expressing some political ideologies which I don't really subscribe to. And friends actually do buzz me to check whether that's me...

Since almost all of those comments I've seen from that other Mahasen Bandara are of political nature, I have a slight suspicion whether that is intentional identity theft (Not that many people care what my political views are...).

So; to whom those who care; I never comment on blogs without signing in, if the blogs have blogger or openID authentication. If the blogs don't have authentication, and I really want to leave my comments behind, I always leave the following credentials:

Name : Mahasen
email: blogger at