Sunday, June 17, 2007

To hell with the doctors

I’m supposed to be seeing a doctor right now. But I’m much happier sitting at the office. I hate having to go to a doctor and avoid it when ever possible, because doctors here (including my sister) don’t have any respect to the patients. Most doctors think they are a super breed or some thing and don’t have any socio-cultural empathy

Anyways, I’m having this back pain for almost a year now. It started off as a mild pain on the upper part of the spine in last august and by October it got really worse. It started to feel quivers through my spine and legs. First I thought it was the cold but then realized it’s the back. So I stopped working out and started to wear a back supporting belt. I had it till April and then it became kind of hyper sensitivity in the back. Now it’s almost gone but I get the pain when I lift some thing heavy or make a sudden awkward move.

All this time I’ve been avoiding going to a doctor, because baring the pain is much comfortable than baring the arrogances of Sri Lankan doctors. My sister made an appointment for me this morning and was to come with me to this pain relief clinic in the hospital. But she got late to turn up, so I took the chance and came to office.

To hell with the doctors.