Monday, June 11, 2007

Tell what you will do, do what you told you would do, say so if you couldn’t

Many software companies use fairly matured and evolving project delivery processes. Most of those processes could be tailored to suit individual projects. But we often see projects that runs in to misery, and worse, there are projects that have 100% process compliance and still runs in to misery - and some times fails!

The main cause as I see is project managers think process is like law. So if they fail to follow it, they cheat. They lie, produce forged documents and do every thing in their ability to mislead the process auditors. In this process not only they jeopardize the project, but burn out the resources and risk demolishing the moral of the team members. They do not realize that it’s not something measuring their competency or performance but a simple guideline to aid their work.

Lying to a process auditor is like lying to a doctor. No matter how humiliating it is, you got to tell the truth. In a service oriented company, delivering a quality service on time is the key to good business. And a process is there to guide that delivery. If things go out of track, they need to be identified and rectified.