Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Try finding it yourself first.

Yesterday, some one from another team came to our cubicle and asked:

“machan, have you heard of ‘firehose state’ in SQL sever”

I goes,

“Nop, never heard, did you try google?”

“No, I thought you guys would know”


So I type “sql server firehose” in google. (Actually in http://start.icloneable.com ;) ) and dalaaa… here comes the first link, with the answer to his question. So had he really googled, he could have solved his issue before standing up and walking to our cubicle.

The truth is, for a software engineer in a service oriented company like ours, there could be very little technical issues that are left unsolved. And google, would almost always direct you there to the answer. What are there for us to solve are only the business problem and the environment issues specific to the solution we build.