Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Tamil Elam you want

For the history I know, the northern part of Sri Lanka has been under constant attack from Indian invaders - mostly Tamil. So time to time they have been ruling the north but eventually a southerner would go and win back the land. Let it aside so the historians could debate on whose native land is it. Put aside the manipulations of Tamil minds to make them want a separate country.

I’m pretty sure there are Tamils who honestly believe north and the east of Sri Lanka is their’s. The reason is not I ponder about neither the fact whether it’s possible.

Let’s hypothetically think that they get the separate country. Done. No war. There’s a border separating south from north and east.

The south - the smaller Sri Lanka retains it’s capital and all the critical cities of economical importance. All the industries which produce the income would prosper without the war and more investors would probably come because the war is no more. Tourism would flourish and so forth.

But what would be the situation in the “Elam”? Right now, the LTTE gets most of it’s funds through illegal business like arms smuggling, drug trafficking and stuff like that. Would the economy of the Elam be based on these? Irrigation and farming would be one option but could they run a country just with that? Surly Norway, Canada and other pro-LTTE community would provide funds for uplifting other industries. But do they have the resources to invest those funds on? They now don’t have a proper educational system nor a proper governance structure. Surely, some of the educated Tamils now abroad would come to help. But how effective would it be? Hmm… to top all, there could be political battles and a misery in the administration. And that’s like only the economical aspect of it. What about the social aspect? There’s a huge gap left there as well.

All in all, I think what they are fighting for is a worse misery than what they are already in.