Monday, January 15, 2007

What makes us happy?

My brother, on last Saturday, flew to Qatar to work for the Qatar commercial bank. He plans to settle down there with his family. I don’t quite understand the rational behind his decision. He was quite well established here and had every thing he needed to lead a decent life here. He had a house, car, spare money and a beloved family, yet he wanted more. And for that he took the risk of never seeing some of the immediate relatives ever again.

Would I have done that? I think not, but I’m not married with kids like he is. Even then, I’m more likely to be happy with a place to stay, a comfortable ride and some money to spare. And wouldn’t have sacrificed the company of my loved ones in order to earn some extra.

I’m not rich at all. In fact I could really make use of some more money. Yet I’m not struggling for it. That alone is enough for me. So what makes us strive to earn more and more than enjoying from what we already have? I could understand the need if I couldn’t afford a shelter, a decent car and little more money to spare. But if I have that much, I would kick out the shoes and rejoice that.