Saturday, September 16, 2006

Arrived in Narita

Arrived in Narita - Tokiyo about 20 minutes ago. I hoped Wi-Fi would be free here but it's not. The cyber cafe in the airpot offer 30 minutes of surfing for 3 US$ and the Wi-Fi costs the same for 24hrs.
Since I won't be here for that long I just logged in from a cyber cafe.
Had very little sleep in the flight so a bit sleepy right now.
Met an American monk in Sri Lanka in the air port and am keeping company to him trill our flights. He taught me some basic buddhanussathi meditation.
Will post from San Francisco if the internet is free there. Won't be able to post photos as I don't have a camera with me.
Ah by the way, they threw out my water bottle and the medical cream I had with me when I arrived here in Japan. They speak very little english so they just throw what ever they don't allow in and smile :D