Monday, May 10, 2010

Wordpress acts Linux (or worse?)

Our team decided to start a group blog to write about tech stuff. After spending at least couple of hours deciding on the domain name (I'll refrain from posting the name now as it's not in proper shape yet) we spent only a few minutes in deciding on the host (blogger/wordpress) to finally deciding to use wordpress.

If you own a blogger blog, you know that Google offer a domain name and Google Apps (docs, email, sites, chat and so much more) for your blog for just $10 per month. If you already have a domain name, everything above is free. Yes, FREE.

Wordpress on the other hand is charging 9.97$ for using a custom domain name (No. That's not for the domain name. That's just for using a custom domain name on the blog) But of cause they offer the domain name for a subsidized price of $5. What do they offer for 9.97$? Just the blog of cause. No email, no nothing. Just the blog. You have control over DNS so, if you do have an email hosting account somewhere, you could add a MX record.

How do you customize your Google profile in blogger? You just go there and change things right? It's all intuitive. Wordpress, on the other hand haven't heard of the concept of intuitiveness. It's all a mess there.

So what's with Linux you ask? it's like this. Linux is secure, powerful and so on; but the effort and the learning curve it takes a beginner to accomplish a very common task like installing a printer is quite high. So it is in Wordpress; but worse; this is a paid service.