Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why Google search is still the best

I use GhostDoc for code documentation.

Today, I was working on a different machine and found that it doesn't have ghost doc installed. I opened up a browser and typed ghostdoc in the search box and hit enter. For my surprise, I couldn't find the SubMain site on the first page of search results. Puzzled; I looked what's wrong to find out that the search engine was Bing...

Open up google and search GhostDoc and the first hit is the correct download site.

Search Google for "Mahasen" and the first hit is this blog.. it even suggest "Mahasen Bandara"; Bing doesn't fetch this seven year old blog till the 9th page; But it fetches my  two weeks old site in the first page.

I don't see myself using Bing anytime sooner...