Monday, May 31, 2010

A pocket camera!

Canon S90

I've had the Nikon D80 for more than two years now; even though I lust the D3s, I haven't really outgrown the D80 yet. The only drawback with the D80 however is that, with my regular 18-200 VR Nikkor attached, it's not that portable. It doesn't fit in my pocket and I'm unable to keep a low profile. I've been asked whether I'm a reporter more than I'd have liked to.

Then there are instances when I really don't want to hang couple of kilograms around my neck. Or, when I don't want to change the Nikkor 70-300mm VR just to take a single wide angle shot.

So for 101 excuses as such to treat myself to a new toy, I bought this Canon PowerShot S90.

I've been toying with it for few minutes so far and am loving it already. The two control rings in the front and the back are really pro features that even the entry level dSLRs of Canon does not have (D80, being Nikon, has them :) ). The F/2 lens coupled with 3200 ISO really give great results in low light. It shoots real RAW too on it's "biggest in class" 10MP CCD sensor. And, as a pleasant surprise, it's Made in Japan!! How many Japanese cameras do we get these days, eh?

Later this week; I will compare it's performance with the D80. And post the comparison results. I fear for the D80 that this small culprit would out perform it in low light conditions. But, otherwise, D80 has nothing to fear. :)