Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Did you format your memory card?

I did; Last night.

I had given the camera to Buddhi for him to use as an extra at a wedding shoot. He didn't had an assistant so he ended up using only his camera. Halfway through he ran out of storage in his card and swap the SD cards with mine.

Yesterday; I collected my camera, and was putting it and the lenses in the desiccator when I got the urge to shoot few shots; I turned the camera on, and it said the memory card needs formatting; So I did format it, shot some random photos and placed it in the desiccator.

Then I go switch on the laptop; in a while, in gtalk, Buddhi goes

oh fuck
  the photos
  are in the disk
11:00 PM hope you didn't format any :)
 me: the one you gave me?
 buddhi: yup
 me: in my cam??
 buddhi: yup
 me: fuck me sideways
 buddhi: damn

So we start the search for recovery tools... Most tools were commercial products; price ranging from $10 to $400 or so.. We downloaded a few trials and did test runs on spare memory cards. And then Budhhi found this:

It's a free life-saver data-recovery tool developed by Dmitry Brant.

So; we finished our adventure later...

me: guess i'll hit the bed now
  usual time
 buddhi: :
  so there seems to be a curse
  not letting us sleep early
2:05 AM me: yeah
 buddhi: :)

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