Saturday, April 03, 2010

Rockefeller plaza, NY


I've been playing with LR 3 Beta for few days now. I haven't used LR much before, so I'm not accustomed to how it's Flickr publishing works.

I just edited my copyright notice watermark and saved Flickr export settings; it asked me whether I want to apply the same settings to the files which are already in the collection; I, without thinking of the consequences, clicked yes.

LR started to show a bunch of files to be re-published. But since I don't have a Flickr Pro account, publishing wouldn't replace those images on Flickr. Since it started to get annoying to have the them in a "to be re-published" state, I removed them from the collection, and did a publish later for another photo..

Guess what? LR removed all those photos from my Flickr account as well!!!

So.. keep in mind when you are using LR and Flickr.. it does a two way sync when you press publish...