Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I was thinking of separating my photo-blogging from day-today blogging...

I know; all I do on this blog right now is photo blogging; but you know I write things once in a while, and I used to tech-blog too. I want to start all that again; but that would bore off most of you who come here just to see some photos.

The options I had was either to keep this as the photo blog and create a separate blog for other stuff or create a separate photo blog and make this the general blog. I opted the second mostly because of existing content of this blog and the template issues.

So I started PhotoWeaver.net. I hope you will visit me there, and follow too.

For starters, I'm posting the photos which are already on my flickr stream. So some of you would have seen the stuff before. Bear with me for a while, and I will start posting new photos there.