Sunday, March 22, 2009

A governance that everyone could subscribe to

I’ve been receiving a chain mail most of the time with the subject “The whole world needs a leader like this”

The content is about an alleged statement made by Kevin Rudd, the prime minister of Australia. Now; there’s a controversy that he did not make this statement; nevertheless; it is really disturbing - not to think he made such a statement but to think that many think that “whole world needs a leader like that”

The essence of the said statement is that people should adapt to the Australian culture and religion or else; should leave the country. And it was mainly targeted at Muslims.
We live in a country which was virtually divided for two and half decades by terrorism; thousands of lives have been sacrificed in resolving that conflict. The main accusation towards the government by the terrorists is that the Tamils in the country were being discriminated. Subscribing to an ideology such as the alleged statement by the Australian prime minister is equivalent to accepting those accusations by the terrorists.

Sri Lankan conflict is a result of well planned political agenda of british imperials, india and corrupt politicians of post independence. The tamils of the north and the east were no more discriminated than the Sinhalese of central and north central. Political power and the economy were concentrated to the western province leaving the rest of the country in poverty. The politicians of that era harvested on the racism planted by the british imperials and the Indians.

Circulation of mails of such nature is evidence that those seeds of racism is still among us. Had I been a muslim living in Australia, this mail would have disheartened me of the government; and would probably positively impact me in engaging in anti-government activities. This is exactly the kind of stimulation terrorists/separatists need in a society.

The governance of a country should be as such that every one living in the country could feel a sense of belonging to that governance; regardless of race or religion (or any other factor for that matter - except for terrorist tendencies :) ) If you were asked to swear by a symbol of another religion when you make a statement in court or asked not to wear your pardha to school; (or use money in the name of god you do not trust :) ) your sense of belonging to that governance is automatically demolished.

Religion is probably one of the most sensitive issues for humans; associating that with governance to discriminate other religions is not only wrong; (not only in Buddhism but probably in most other religions.) but also an opening for separatism.