Thursday, December 18, 2008

Canon VIXIA HF-100 & 1.5TB Seagate Desktop Drive

They arrived :D

I just wanted a video camera. I'm not in to motion picture as much as to still pictures. So I just wanted some thing to record video. So bought some thing which I felt is decent enough for me. The VIXIA HF-100 records full HD video in to SDHC memory cards. Bought a 16GB card and a extra high capacity battery while I was at it. The battery is still charging, so I wouldn't know how good the camera is.

My 500GB external hard disk drive is filling up fast - with RAW format photos and stolen (through torrents) movies (BTW I watched "Machan" - thanks to Jinath - It is awesome!!). And I thought with HD video coming in, it would fill up faster. So bought a 1.5TB Seagate external hard disk drive. 2 gigs should take me at least couple of years.

I wasn't taking much photos for the past few weeks... :(