Thursday, December 18, 2008

Canon VIXIA HF-100 & 1.5TB Seagate Desktop Drive

They arrived :D

I just wanted a video camera. I'm not in to motion picture as much as to still pictures. So I just wanted some thing to record video. So bought some thing which I felt is decent enough for me. The VIXIA HF-100 records full HD video in to SDHC memory cards. Bought a 16GB card and a extra high capacity battery while I was at it. The battery is still charging, so I wouldn't know how good the camera is.

My 500GB external hard disk drive is filling up fast - with RAW format photos and stolen (through torrents) movies (BTW I watched "Machan" - thanks to Jinath - It is awesome!!). And I thought with HD video coming in, it would fill up faster. So bought a 1.5TB Seagate external hard disk drive. 2 gigs should take me at least couple of years.

I wasn't taking much photos for the past few weeks... :(

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Nokia E66

I bought a Nokia E66! And am composing and posting this entry (which also happens to be my 400th post!) using that! So far I love all the features. I'd have liked it to be a litte bit faster though.
GPS works great with google maps. And the productivity tools are nice as well. I remember the time I bought phones for their cameras..
I was eyeing the E71 with the qwerty key pad. But decided for the slider at the last moment.
I'll be uploading some mobile photographs in days to come.. So stay tuned..