Saturday, January 26, 2008


On the day we arrived in Oklahoma City, we searched for Indian cuisines around our hotel through Google maps. And the first restaurant that came up in that search was the Gopuram.

The reason for this post is that service at Gopuram is among the finest I've ever experienced, and their food is just as good as their service. The waiters there are pleasant, energetic and friendly. No matter how long their day may have been, they always smile and greet you well - and most of all, appear happy. Unlike in most places, they don't get in your way or bug you. But they are always there when you need them. It doesn't matter for them that who served you first, you can ask any waiter for service and they would happily provide that to you. They'd share couple of minutes to have a chat with you but makes sure not to cause a disturbance.

So if you ever come to Oklahoma City, go there for relaxed fine Indian dining.