Monday, December 03, 2007

I'm in Milwaukee

I came to Milwaukee, WI on last Saturday.

As usual the flights were really long and boring. This time I flew to Heathrow, and then to Chicago. My flight from Chicago to Milwaukee was canceled due to bad weather but by the time it was canceled, I had already checked in the baggages for the flight and couldn't get them back. So I took a cab to Milwaukee from the Chicago air port leaving my baggages behind. It was a cross state drive of about two and half hours which cost $290.

The following day I called the Milwaukee airport to find out whether my baggages have arrived. They wanted me to come there to identify the baggage as there were too many !@#$%... So I took a cab again and went to the local airport to find out that my baggage is not there!

I didn't had any cloths in my hand luggage so I went to a local outlet store and bought some cloths and returned to the apartment. All this cost me over $450 within two days. Now I'm totally broke and have only couple of suits till they find and return my baggage.

To top every thing, it's damned cold here so I can't walk around to get to know the place.