Wednesday, October 31, 2007

On your mark, get set, write code...

Usually, when I'm in a project, I pretty much get a good understanding of the domain and a thorough understanding of the requirements before I start to code. But this time, it's been a totally different story.
We are suppose to deliver a project on Friday and non of us in the team has a enough understanding of the domain or the requirements... we pretty much followed the instructions that the customer gave and wrote an ever changing set of requirements according to an ever changing design. It's an miracle that we made it this far and it would take more than an miracle for us to deliver this on time.
Basically most of us spent 16+ hour work days for the past few weeks because of this issue.
If some one ever ask me how a project should not be run, I'm experiencing the exact thing right now.
But after this, I'm going to be working in a cool new application involving more on architectural work... but my fingers are crosses :D