Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Brought ADSL

I brought SLT ADSL to my home in Kandy.

The connectivity right now is pretty impressive but SLT is one of the worst service providers in the region when it comes to their customer care.

I didn't buy any hardware from them as I wanted to go for a Linksys router so they just wouldn't give me their configurations! Luckily I got them from Prabath and there were quite a few blogs around giving out the settings as well.

On Saturday, I managed to connect but the connection was not stable and it was damn slow as well. So I called to complain and they said the connection is not given yet! I called back on Sunday and received the same response. But I managed to get connected twice. So I went to SLT Teleshop in Kandy on Monday and asked them what the heck is going on... Then they said the connection was given on Sunday and lodge a complain for disturbance in the line.

I went back home and started to pack to come back to Colombo. Then I received a call from SLT maintenance and the person on the line straightaway asked me how many lines I have in parallel. I said none. Then he asked me how could that be possible!!! I told him that I've connected the router straight to the wall outlet and it's not sharing the line with a phone. Then he went on to say that it must be a configuration error and can NOT be a problem in the line. I got pissed off by his arrogance and the rude manner so I gave him a piece of advise on customer care as well as the technical details of ADSL and hang up.

Then at around 7PM suddenly the link got up and every thing started to work out of the blue!! So I stayed back, taught amma (mom) and appachchi (dad) how to play with IM and email. Updated all the virus guards, spam filters, security updates etc. etc. in my home machine and came back around 11PM.

Hmm... checked during the day today and it seems to be working fine for now.