Monday, June 25, 2007

The Sri Lankan train commuters

They seems to share some of the characteristics of Sri Lankan trains don’t they?

They walk out of the station as a stalk, they don’t stop for traffic (neither vehicles nor other people crossing their path) and they never seem to evolve fast enough.

Some times, when I get a little bit late to come to office I get to experience this train effect. A train arrives at the platform close to WTC around 7.10 A. M. and the passengers start to storm the road for several minutes. Not even the policeman at the zebra crossing is able to stop them. They just continue to cross the road in a stalk and all traffic has to stop.

Getting caught in middle of that crowd is equally frustrating when you walk as well. They walk too slowly but they wouldn’t let you walk overtaking them. They occupy the whole pavement and would jam your way some how.