Monday, June 04, 2007

Scattered thoughts of memories

I would try to make some thing out of this as much as I could. But be warned these are raw thoughts.

We remember things happened in the past. There are some we love remembering and some we wish we didn’t. Usually memories are triggered by some sort of incident, it could be some thing we see, some thing we hear, some thing we taste, some thing we feel through touch, some thing we smell or some generation of thoughts.

But why do we remember them? There are a lot of things that we do not remember even if we want to. We have memories that makes us hurt, memories that makes us happy and also strangely enough memories that are neutral.

Theoretically there is some sort of an attachment to these incidents that makes them remembered. So that means we are attached to those unpleasant incidents as well.

When a memory arises in our mind we tend to keep thinking about that. So generations of thoughts are populated on an incident which happened in the past. And those thoughts are mostly based on how we perceive those incidents at the moment the memory arose. So over time, how we perceive an incident could very well change. So it is possible, over time, our memories of a certain incident to change. So logically, old memories could very less be different from fantasies.

So, it could be that we cultivate our thoughts in memories.

If you read this far… you would care enough to share a thought of your own.