Friday, June 29, 2007

Pain relief clinic

So I finally gave in to my sister and went to the pain relief clinic at the NHSL to show my back this morning.

The place was stinky, congested and very poorly ventilated. And the minor staff was rude, dumb and ignorant.

I felt really sorry about the elevator operator who sits in the dark, hot and smelly elevator pressing six buttons for eight hours per day. That job must really suck.

I had to open a file in order to get in to the clinic. So I went to the office to do so. It was a room full of piles of paper files. And a couple of rude and lazy looking men were occupied in selecting them. I stood there till it was my turn, but soon realized it’s not the way to get things done there, because dozens of stinky and dirty people surpassed me to get their “files” (Is being poor an excuse for not being clean?). So I realized waiting for the turn is not the way to go. It took more than five minutes for the person there to write my name (P. M. Bandara) on the file. I’m not extravagating. It really took that time. And I bet even he couldn’t read his hand writing.

After all that, I made it to the doctor. Who actually was quite nice - hmm.. She examined me and said it can’t be something serious and is probably caused by my posture and injected something in to my spine. Now that hurts!! She also directed me to a physiotherapist.