Thursday, June 14, 2007


Four years back, .NET 1.0 was relatively new. I had started to read and play with it from the beta so I was pretty good when the 1.0 was out. When I started professional development in mid 2003 I was on top of the business.

One of the luxuries in smaller companies is that you get to work with what you want - at least most of the time. That allows you to use the latest technology in day today work. But in large IT service companies that’s not the case. Most of the time they take over upgrade or maintenance work.

So even though I managed to keep myself up to date after joining Virtusa, my work had always been in older technology; but it had at least been .NET. By the time .NET 3 was released, at work I was just migrating a .NET 1.1 code base in to 2.0.

But now it seems as if things are to be worse. There’s VB6 maintenance project in the horizon signalling to come my way…