Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sinhala Buddhist Racism and Politics and my stance

EDIT: I have matured since this post, and I do not believe in what I speak here anymore.

As much as I like Udaya Prabath Gammanpila of Sihala Urumaya (note: not Hela Urumaya) to be the president, I know he’s more to mature. Nevertheless I vote him. Is he a racist? Yes. A Sinhala Buddhist racist.

So why do I vote a racist? There are three reasons why.

Sinhala Buddhist racism does not discriminate other races or religions. Buddhist teachings are to equally honour all other religions the same as Buddhism. Had they really tried to understand what Sinhala Buddhist racism is, all other races would have welcomed it more.

I’m not voting a political party nor a person but what a person or the party represent. I believe collectively the political view of Sihala Urumaya is close to mine. If the leaders of the party is to divert from that view - that’s their option. If the party as a whole is to divert from what it represent that the option of its leaders as a whole. To whom I vote would still be a logical decision I make. If I feel the party still represent what I believe in, I shall vote. If not I would look for other’s who does. But leaders leaving the party, or few things going the wrong way wouldn’t really change any thing in what they represent.

I believe Udaya and Champika at least believe in what they say and honestly want to do it. And their arguments seem logical to me. They are willing to take constructive criticism and are willing to accept if they make mistakes. They are very less corrupted than any other politician in this country.

Finally on monks doing politics, I believe it’s not right. Monks are supposed to dedicate themselves to achieving nirvana and to guide lay men on the same path. That’s the sole reason why any one should become a Buddhist monk. To get away from the complexities and attachments of lay life and to live a more simple and purified life, meditating, advising and preaching lay people on dhamma which lord Buddha preached.

But over time the values of being monks have perished and Buddhist monks or rather people pretending to be Buddhist monks have engaged in various activities which Buddha explicitly prohibit them from. To imply how much we have come to live with the malpractices of monks, treating patients as doctors is explicitly prohibited for monks by lord Buddha. But how many monks do we know who does this? Some even engage in activities considered indecent even for lay people. So given that, politics isn’t that bad… yet that doesn’t mean its right. A monk should be a monk.