Sunday, May 27, 2007

Movie marathon

Yesterday I went to MC theater hoping to watch Spider Man 3. The darn queue was halfway down the second floor. (Compare that to less than 50 audience for Sankranthi - who said there aren't any movie goers any more?) So bought couple of DVDs and headed back home. Rocky Balbova and Babel.

First watched Rocky Balboa, this was release while I was in the US and I was longing to watch it. But couldn't make up the time. It had the most common story line ever for boxing and martial art movies. The main character for one reason or another wants to fight the ultimate fight (most of the time with the bad guy world champ), he train hard with a fight plan and wins (or loose) marginally at the last moment (just before the bell of the last round). Nevertheless, Rocky Balboa was still a worth watch.

Rocky after wining world heavy weight championship couple of times is retired in to doing a small restaurant. His kid is grown up and rarely ever visits him because he(son)'s having a personality crisis. His wife's dead and he's still miserably missing her. He's bored with life and spends his time telling old time stories to his clients at the restaurant. He helps people and still is the champ in the hearts of his fans. A sports channel screens simulated fight between the current world champion (who's never beaten and haven't found a match yet - disliked by the fans) and rocky in a program. Motivated by that Rocky reapplies for a license to box again. He was planing to fight in small fights but the now disparate managers of world champ invite him for a exhibition match with the world champ. Rocky train go for the fight, box all 10 rounds and marginally loose by split decision. Unlike most of the movies of this nature, very less time was taken to show how he practice. Much was taken to show his loneliness and his good nature. The final fight was given enough weight. All in all, I like it. But wouldn't call it great.

Babel, well - good story wasted by bad cinematographer. It's more like "Asoka Handagama" type...