Monday, May 21, 2007

Me and my cameras

During my childhood, my brother had a camera, first a Konika auto focus point and shoot one and then a Zenit SLR. I loved them, however hardly ever was allowed to use them. Then I had a point and shoot camera of a brand I don’t recall. All I did with it was - point and shoot. Then there was a Canon point and shoot camera my sister brought from Japan… can’t remember making much use of it either.

Then I bought a mobile phone with an inbuilt camera - a Nokia 6230i with a 1.3MP camera. I shot a fair deal with that one and felt the need for a *real* camera. Perhaps it was the digital factor that made me addicted for shooting. So when I went to US last year, the first thing I bought was a Canon PowerShot S2 IS with 12X optical zoom. I needed more optical zoom for some reason but I seldom use the mega zoom. S3 was just released by that time but I wasn’t convinced it is worth for the extra $80.

I shoot a lot with it and go out solely to shoot as well. Among other things I’ve figured so far are the facts that, I got a lot to learn and I should have invested on a dSLR. Hmmm…