Sunday, May 20, 2007

Being pissed off in the morning

I wish I could keep my head cool all the time. Being angered creates more suffering for me than any one else. But that’s how things are. Perhaps I don’t meditate enough. Even the monk told me so yesterday…

Any ways what made me angry this morning is the dumb head neighbor of ours (I hate having neighbors - doesn’t every one?). I had to pick up my sister at 7 this morning. I got up late and had to hurry so didn’t lock the gate as I was leaving. The idiot came out from no where and very rudely said “make sure you ‘close’ the gate when you go out” (no “please” - no smile). I was in a hurry as I said so just said “yeah sure” and walked away without locking it.

We, living in an apartment complex, share the same gate with our neighbor. There were times when they (neighbors) just take the darn padlock with them for days and we weren’t able to lock the damned thing. But this bugger had the nerve this morning to tell me what to do. I was in mood to tell him a thing or two when we came back but the bugger wasn’t around - that prevented some thing that could have been a really bitter experience for the rest of our stay there.

So what made me cool off later? It’s the friendly stray dog I feed with biscuits every morning. She came on to me smiling and wagging her tail. She probably sensed I was in a bad mood so she made sure I feel better before attending to the biscuits. Isn’t that wonderful? The animal had more sensibility than that human.