Sunday, May 13, 2007

Australian Cricket and Microsoft

These two has one thing in common at least, no matter who shouts foul, they get their job done.

I’ve been receiving countless number of emails requesting to sign petitions and send mails to ICC etc. about this squash ball issue. Okay he had a damned squash ball in his glove - not fair. But it’s over now. They won and we lost. Its one thing to fight for some thing rightfully yours and it’s another to fight for some thing that could have only had a slight advantage. It wasn’t the damned squash ball that hit the ball in to right places. It was the man having it in inside his glove.

Perhaps those who are still not over with the squash ball thing could write a stupid game like “kill bill” named “ball ausies”. So you could all have that sense of pleasure that you beat the Australians.