Sunday, April 22, 2007


Before I moved in with my sister, I used to come to office before 7 A.M. No traffic - no hassle and I get a nice parking slot as well.
But now, since my sister’s morning shifts start at 7 and night shifts end at 7, all my timing has gone out of sync. When ever she does a night shift, I have to go to the hospital to pick her up around 7.20. If she does a morning shift, I have to drop her there by 7.
This morning I left home at 7 to pick her up and it took me 25 minutes to drive to the hospital (usually a 5 minute drive) why? Because the schools has started after the new year vacations. Grr..
So I’m planning on buying one of these for short distance traveling...

So when ever my sister does a night shift, I'd give her the car and ride this to office :) - on other days, she'd get the moped