Saturday, April 28, 2007

And it rained in Barbados

It’s the day all the cricket fans awaited. Even the ones who are not so enthusiastic about the game awaited this day. Roads were deserted by 6.30 PM. Every one was in front of their TV set. And then.. it rained in Barbados where the world cup finals are held between Sri Lanka and Australia!!

The match is delayed due to rain and commentators say it could well be limited to a 20 over match. What a disappointment it would be to see a 20 over world cup finals…

Alas! I even bought a new antenna for this :(

And to top it all, the power went off. Probably a tree fell on to the power lines or some thing due to the weather here, but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be restored till the match is over. So there goes the world cup finals for me. Hope I stayed in Colombo to watch the match, but again it’s good to be home for the long weekend.