Monday, March 19, 2007

What I’m good at and what I’m bad at

Work wise, there are few things I’m good at and few things I’m bad at.

To start with the bad,

I’m unable to keep the same level of enthusiasm for one thing for a longer period. So I’m not suitable for long running projects. Unfortunately no one seems to realize this and I always end up with such projects. Ideal project span for me would be <>

I get offended quickly. Although I have managed to improve over time, I still get offended by the stupid managers. (it’s pretty hard for juniors to offend me) and as a result I have faced some unpleasant consequences.

If I don’t like some thing, most likely, I would never like it again. I’m more of a “first perception rules” guy. It’s pretty difficult to reset that.

For the good side,

I’m good at making things simple and keeping them that way. My solutions are as simple as they could be. And I have the ability to make complex things simple.

I can learn things. If I like something, I shall learn it – fast and without help. Not just from the surface but all the way from the guts.

If I screw – I admit. If I make a mistake, I wouldn’t make another by denying. I would just go ahead and try making things right.