Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It arrived!

When I was in the US, my brother wanted me to bring diapers for his baby (Don’t ask! there are diapers in Sri Lanka – I don’t really understand it either) I already had more stuff to fill my bags up and diapers creates more space problems than weight problems. So I decided to send them through post with some of my cloths. The guy at the post office said it would take about 6 weeks to send them via sea shipping. This was late November and I had a good four weeks left before returning, so I decided to sea ship them. And so I did, on 27th of November 2006.

The package was shipped to my brother’s office. So when he left the country soon after I came back, I was a bit worried that we would never be able to get them. But he had arranged for it to be delivered if it arrives. Weeks passed by and with no news at all about the package and the baby out growing the size of diapers I bought, I also gave up the idea about my cloths in the package. (Despite that there were some shirts and t-shirts in it that I really liked)

After exactly two months since I came back, and more than three after I shipped it, Manori akka (my sister in law) called me last night to inform that it has finally arrived!! After 12+ weeks I don’t even remember what exactly did I put in there, but remember wrapping it up with duct tape. It would be as if I were opening a box of hidden treasure when I open it.


  1. Its just that Qaulity of diapers is very important.. You cant easily find very good brands here in SL and even though you find them .. those are very expensive.. Lately I had a time to find them for My sisters baby...

  2. Oh, the diapers were only US$ 46 (around 200 diapers) but shipping was US$ 98 :(
    I would have just bought them the best brand in Sri Lanka.