Thursday, March 29, 2007

Funny tigers

Indi posted this about the air attack on Katunayake.

Then few LTTE clowns started to boast.

Then, Prabath started to have fun :D

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Frustrated, desperate, angry and helpless

All the decent places put up for rent in Colombo are for couples or girls only. For some reason landlords are afraid to rent out their annexes to single males.

I was asked to vacate the current place by end of April (apparently because I refused to pay Rs. 1000 as my electricity bill without a proper bill provided.). And here I am desperate to find a place to stay within the next couple of weeks, with no leads at all. Worst part is that most people do not advertise during this holiday season. So news papers are of no use. So the only hope is personal contacts.

A little more than a year back, I was staying with my sister and brother, and we were at a nice place in Nawala. But my stupid sister wanted a place closer to NHSL and with three rooms. So we (she) informed our then landlord that we would be vacating. I used all my contacts and got leads to couple of nice places (one by Sam and one by Prasanna), but my sister refused even going to check them out claiming that they are too expensive (but comparing with the place she settled for at the end – they were bargains – I saw both the places).

And finally she settled for a two roomed (which would barely accommodate a bed) den in an f**king whore house in Borella. Later on, my sister moved to quarters and my brother went abroad. And now I’m paying off for their sins… (paying f**king 15K per month for a smelly, dark, unventilated den with that land lady probing in to my annex when ever I’m not in – so I can’t leave any thing valuable there, And having to pay utility bills for the utilities I never use)

So, if any of you could lead me to a *decent place* within this week, I would be forever grateful.

* A decent place, is a place within half an hour’s drive from Colombo Fort with safe parking, with separate utility bills or a fixed amount for month – or at least a transparent method of arriving at it.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Three killed and seventeen injured in LTTE terrorist attack- Katunayake

This morning, as I was driving to office, I heard on the radio that LTTE has attacked the Katunayake air port, later I read that it was using a "light wing air craft". Ok.. that's a first for them.
No fighter air crafts have been damaged but three are dead. It's a failed but desperate attack from the loosing lot of barbarians. But the failure from the air force is that they haven’t been able to gun down the dammed “air craft” (which is probably a glider as they presume) which bombed them.

Monday, March 19, 2007

What I’m good at and what I’m bad at

Work wise, there are few things I’m good at and few things I’m bad at.

To start with the bad,

I’m unable to keep the same level of enthusiasm for one thing for a longer period. So I’m not suitable for long running projects. Unfortunately no one seems to realize this and I always end up with such projects. Ideal project span for me would be <>

I get offended quickly. Although I have managed to improve over time, I still get offended by the stupid managers. (it’s pretty hard for juniors to offend me) and as a result I have faced some unpleasant consequences.

If I don’t like some thing, most likely, I would never like it again. I’m more of a “first perception rules” guy. It’s pretty difficult to reset that.

For the good side,

I’m good at making things simple and keeping them that way. My solutions are as simple as they could be. And I have the ability to make complex things simple.

I can learn things. If I like something, I shall learn it – fast and without help. Not just from the surface but all the way from the guts.

If I screw – I admit. If I make a mistake, I wouldn’t make another by denying. I would just go ahead and try making things right.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


How good would you expect a open source chess game written by a single developer to be?
This one is very very good. It's so complete with features with a great engine. I'm virtually addicted to it over the past few days.

link :

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Couldn’t resist

When I bought my laptop, I pledged that I would never install development tools in it. But lately, I’m so bored when I’m at home and I know nothing else to entertain myself other than (Grrr #$%^@&) coding.

So – I decided to install the C# express, XNA framework and the XNA development studio. And yes… I’m going to play around with some game code… :)

Monday, March 05, 2007


Has any one noticed lately that the sky in Colombo has become grayer during the past few months, and the visibility distance during the day time is drastically lower?

When we first moved in to WTC 16th floor, I remember being able to clearly see buildings in Bambalapitiya on a sunny day. But now, we can hardly see past the Gallface Hotel. It’s as if a mist is covering the whole city during the day time. But which is more likely a cloud of smoke.

I wonder what was the last time a proper survey was done on air pollution in Colombo. I remember results of such a survey were posted in billboards during mid 90s or so.

Hopefully, the Minister for Environment and Natural Resources, Patali Champika Ranawaka, would take some measures to cut down on pollution in the urban area and to improve the situation in the near future.