Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I have almost completely drifted away from tech blogging. And when I bought my laptop I pledged not to install any development tools on it. Truth be said, I don’t use my laptop at least once a week, and that too is to copy the images from the camera or to watch a DVD. And last weekend, I found out that a colony of ants has made it their home.

After completely dissembling the laptop, cleaning and reassembling, I figured it out that it’s about time I use it everyday. But what for?

I remembered Prabath announcing his purchase of alldistributed.com domain name to do some thing meaningful. So I decided to add a little meaning of mine to it as well. Writing articles does not require a development tool.

At first, we would start off as a simple blog at http://www2.alldistributed.com/, but hopefully we shall soon host our own site with articles, forums etc. on distributed systems.