Monday, January 29, 2007

Allocation getting extended

I just heard the news that our customer wants my allocation in the current project extended till end of June. Which means that I have been able to keep them happy with my work. That's wonderful because I have been able to maintain a quite comfortable work life as well.
I usually come to office around 7.30 and leave around 4.30. So I have enough time after work for myself. I do all the customer interactions in my project and manage my own work and time.
The perception over here was that you have to work extra hours to produce good work and keep the customer happy; I have proven that it's wrong.
Keeping the customer happy is all about doing what you do right and be crisp and honoust in your communications.
My architect, Nalin, once said "Even 14 year old's can do the coding, what makes the difference is managing a good relationship with the customer". I took the advise..