Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Things I would miss when I go back

  1. 8 hour work days
  2. Roads without three wheelers
  3. Free and nice lodging with no annoying landlords
  4. Hi-speed internet connectivity
  5. Realistic speed limits (which I still can’t adhere to - I do 50mph on 35mph roads - lucky still didn’t receive a speeding ticket.)
  6. Room service to clean my room, empty my trash and change my sheets and towels
  7. Polite people who mind their own business and doesn’t think giving the right of way is a favor
  8. Online shopping for just about any thing (on which I spent US$ 2500+ during this short period)
  9. Cheap gasoline (Yeah, it’s cheaper than Sri Lanka)
  10. Extra Cash
  11. Managers who understand work
  12. Comfortable temperatures
  13. Lesser polluted, lesser crowded environment (I’m not living or working in downtown)
  14. Efficient, responsible and polite government servants
  15. Systematic way that every thing is implemented