Monday, December 25, 2006

Pursuit of happiness

On last Friday, I went for another movie, “Pursuit of happiness”. One of the best movies I've ever watched.
Will Smith stars as Chris Gardner, a bright and talented man who was unable to continue his education after high-school because the lack of money.
He barely makes a living by selling bone scanning machines which are too expensive for its use. He loves his family and struggle to provide for them. His wife is stressed out by financial constraints and leaves him.
He gets thrown out of the house they live in because he’s unable to pay the rent. He manages to stay in a church some nights. When he fails to arrive at the church which offers shelter to the homeless by a first come first serve basis, he sleeps in a men’s room at a railway station with his son.
In the midst of all this he manages to impress a business man and enroll in to an internship program for stock brokers. The internship doesn’t have a salary so he continues to sell the last few of his bone scanning machines.
At the end, he was offered a job as a stock broker. In the movie he quotes we always pursuit happiness, but hardly ever achieve it. Even when we do, it’s only momentary.