Sunday, October 01, 2006


This morning I returned my car back. My hotel is just .8Miles away from office so I decided ~25$ per day for the car is just not worth it when I could walk or take a bus easily.
The car rental place AVIS is some 12Miles away from the hotel. When I picked it up, Nalin gave me a lift. But today I had to come back alone. So I looked up and found out the bus route I should take and went off early in the morning.
The temperature had been around 70F for the past week so I didn't expect it to be cold today. But since the weather channel predicted rain I took the jacket. When I arrived at the AVIS, the temperature was 49˚F (~9˚C). Luckily I took my jacket with me. I was regretting I didn't wear gloves.
How ever things at the rental place finished fairly quickly so I was too early for the bus I was planning to take. Normally busses here run hourly, so I decided to walk a bit towards the next bus stop. Just as I arrived in that bus stop, a bus pulled over from there. So I decided to keep walking. And another bus went passing me. Mind you the temperature was still around 50˚F.

I received a call while I was walking and couple of more busses passed me by. So I decided - I’m not gonna take a bus. I pulled out my camera from the haversack and tried to capture as many images I can on the 12 Mile walk back to the hotel!

I didn’t felt tired at all while walking, but when I finally arrived, I felt exhausted. I waited for a while, had a shower and cooked enough for few days. I’m too lazy to cook every day. At around 5 p.m. I felt really worn off so went to the bed to relax a bit and fell asleep almost instantly.I haven’t worked out for quite some time now and a 12 mile walk within 3.5 hours didn’t seem to be a good way to start. Any how, after the sleep, I feel quite ok now. But sadly, the weekend is over and tomorrow I have to go to office by 7 a. m. My project manager has set up a nonsense call at his more convenient 7.30 p. m.Oh - by the way - I’d be walking to office… thanks for the concern…