Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dialog Telekom – denial of service and denial of support

On the 17th of October I tried to use the "DiaText" online (paid) facility provided by Dialog GSM web site and received the error "not enough credit/billing error".

By this time, my online bill showed an outstanding amount of Rs. 483.92. I had also made a direct debit of Rs. 6000/- from HSBC which was not updated in the online bill. So my actual account balance at that time should have been around Rs -5500/-. However even without that last payment I should have been allowed to use the service as my credit limit is Rs. 3000/-.

Therefore I placed a complain (Complain No. 22713797) using the online contact form regarding this issue. On the same day I received a mail from a person named "Shone Denver" claiming that I have exceeded my credit limit and it's not yet updated in the online bill, which was not buyable as the online bill showed calls made on the 16 th as well.

I replied to that mail with details of my payments and requesting them to verify that information and provide me further clarifications, as I was pretty sure that reply was sent without verifying my billing information.

On the 18th, I received a mail from the same person requesting me to verify my identification information and payment information with the receipt numbers. By this time my last payment had also been updated in the online payment history and my account balance was - 2973.37. I replied to that mail with all identification and payment details and requesting them to clarify the issue but did not receive any reply as of yet. I also sent a reminder on the 23rd as well.

If any of you have contacts at Dialog GSM, please pass this on to them. If needed, I do have all the email communications with me.