Tuesday, August 15, 2006

15 Days without blogging

Following a link in Merrill's blog I came across Windows Live Writer. Since I couldn't blog for quite some time I thought of using it for a quick post.

Right now work is flowing without much hassle but the atmosphere shows some signs of rough seas ahead. Not that the work is going to get tough but the envirement.

On the homefront, I'm still to find a place to stay. Right now we are really frustrated about it. I brought the N16 to Colombo and am using it now. I'm still to buy a new phone and to repair my 6230i. I'm using a 3310 right now :). So I can't post any photos of the N16 right now.

Chuti Akka (Second elder sister) went to Anuradhapura Army Hospital to volunteer treating army casualties. She's been there since Sunday (13th Aug).