Monday, July 17, 2006

Solve this puzzle

  • I have a Dialog mobile phone connection.
  • When I’m in my cubicle I don’t receive signals.
  • When I move 30 feet from my cubicle I receive signals at full strength.
  • The person next to my cubicle who also has a Dialog connection receives signals at full strength.
  • When I insert my SIM in to another phone it too receives signals at full strength at my cubicle.
  • When I insert another SIM of a different provider, I get signals at full strength to my phone, at my cubicle.
  • When I insert another Dialog SIM to my phone it behaves the same as my SIM.
  • So the isolation is My Phone + Dialog Connection + My Cubicle just doesn’t seem to work together.

This started to happen from mid last week. What could be wrong and where??